Discover a Unique Pet Yarn Spinning Service in Victoria

Owners Love Their Pets

Owners love the affection and companionship given unconditionally from their non-human pet. Warm and smooth to the touch, each pet responds to theowner's presence. They keep each other company. The pet worships his owner, always welcomes him enthusiastically, eats gratefully each meal, is content with cheap outings and gives lifelong loyalty and protection.

Pets Are Part of the Family

They may have 4 legs or only two; they may have a long tail, a short tail, or no tail at all; they may have spots, or stripes, or have no pattern; or they may be a single solid colour. Whatever the phenotype, your pet, becomes a valued member of the household.
Customer with the pets yarn in hand

Take Them with You

When your pet cannot be with you, or when you wish you had your pet with you, what can you do to make a connection? How can you ease the pain? The answer is: Spinning Pets Yarn 

We consult with you on the fibre your pet produces to assess its suitability for the process of spinning. It is then a matter of fibre preparation and actual spinning time to produce a yarn which can then be used to craft whatever you desire:

Your Pet Project

  • Methods vary from knitting and crochet, to weaving
  • Wear your pet as a garment, to stay close to your heart
  • Wear your pet as a hat, to show you think about them
  • Crochet a blanket for the Sofa, to wrap up in their warmth on a cold night
  • Knit picture frame to surround a picture of your loved pet
  • Fashion a pillowcase to hug when your pet cannot be there “in person”
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Customer wearing sweater made from her pet

Your Pet Is Unique

Limited only by your imagination, you can show off your pet’s uniqueness to the world, and have your pet with you at all times. Love your pet and keep the connection.
Customer playing with her pets
To have your pet fibre spun, call Marion on 0409250969.
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