Spirit, our much loved Belgian Shepherd, was 16 years old and nearing the end of her life. My son Mark asked me to knit a throw rug from her fur,  To make a special keepsake. Initially, I hesitated to ring Marion because I thought she would think I was a nutcase, but she assured me that other pet owners had also asked her to spin their pet's fur, that I was in good company!  (ANN)
My beautiful Collies are gone now, but I will still treasure the yarn and the scarf. It is much better than having just a bag of hair! (Gail)
 I can't tell you how much comfort those balls of yarn you made continue to give me. It's almost a year now since I lost Hunter  and the pain is still awful! (Jo)
Archie and Nigel are my pride and Joy. It did not take me long to decide to have their fibre spun and now some of this lovely soft yarn has become a hat -- (Cherree)
Clawed is a rascal and I could not bear to be without him. His gorgeously soft fur, knitted up, even looks like him! (Erin)
Our Poodle, Tingri, has provided lovely fibre for this scarf - a present for my wife, who screamed in delight when receiving it!
He is not a bad model, either!    (Dino)
Physically, Max, my beloved Japanese Spitz left us very recently but he is still here, on my dresser, in the form of a "memory bag" ready to pat, whenever I miss him. (Vivian)
Lucy, my golden Retriever, is gone now. The marvelous thing is that I have something permanent to cuddle and to keep her close.
Her yarn will become a blanket for my bed -
Milo left us before I had a chance to keep his fur so when Mango, our new Standard Poodle  joined our family, I began saving his fur immediately. This warm and luxurious
vest is spun and knitted from Mango's puppy fleece. The blanket took 2 more years fibre, so now I am wrapped in my dog!   (May)
I am so blessed to have found someone to process Tommy's fur. I miss him terribly and it means so much to me to still have something of him here -- I can cuddle his pillow!  (Kate)
 Spurred on by the recent loss of our first husky, Degan, we took advantage of the opportunity to have the rest of the fur spun. Now we save the huge and continuous mountain of fur from the 3 other huskies, for Marion to spin for the Mawson's Huts Foundation, for the Replica Museum shop in Hobart. (Chiquita)

Join the many Clients who have honoured their loved pet,
by having the fur spun into yarn and made into garments.
Never be apart from your favourite furry friend again!
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